Tandem has been producing versatile solutions for the machinery and workholding equipment industry by acquiring strong brands since 2006.

Tandem Machine Tools Industry. and Tic. Ltd. Şti. was founded by Tankut KOÇAK and Ertan GÜNEY, who are experienced and specialized in sales, projects and technical service in CNC Machine Tools. It continues to offer versatile solutions to the machinery and workholding equipment industry by acquiring strong brands since 2006.


We are always at your service with our expert fast service team and original spare parts stock so that your production is not interrupted.
As Tandem Machine Tools; We offer fast and solution-oriented services in commissioning, periodic maintenance, technical service, spare parts and training.
Our service team carefully makes all the necessary preparations for your machines to reach you safely and quickly, and completes and puts them into operation as soon as possible.

With our specially trained technical service team, we respond to malfunctions of your CNC machine tools and equipment in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Konya regions and surrounding provinces as soon as possible.


Our CNC Machinery portfolio includes multi-spindle CNC lathes, spare parts and accessories, CNC vertical machining centers, surface grinding machines, profile grinding machines, cylinder grinding machines, mold lapping presses, precision hard turning CNC machines.


Placing product quality at the forefront of our manufacturing process, we integrate quality control at every step to ensure superior prototypes and parts. We identify critical quality criteria on each project and use them as benchmarks to measure the performance of final products.


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Part Quality Provided by Expert Experience

Tandem Machine Tools aims to produce timely and reliable engineering solutions for the CNC machine tools machinery industry with its high quality CNC machines, CNC products and expert staff, which it represents and is a world leader in its field.

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    Index, 100 people can use the CNC machine to reuse it. Index and Traub brand lathes are produced in Index Group's facilities in Germany. INDEX Group offers the best possible results for the company's work with the company's cutting-edge technology. It offers special detection and high-temperature machine for turning, freezing, grinding, threading and other processes.

  • Fanuc

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  • Kitagawa Chuck

    Japanese KITAGAWA products, a reliable brand with the best-selling CNC lathe chuck types in the world, have inspired confidence in its customers all over the world with its experience of more than half a century.

    Kitagawa, the first choice of the world's leading CNC lathe and CNC vertical machining center manufacturers, from standard hydraulic chuck pneumatic foot chuck models to universal lathe chucks, from shuttered chucks to collet lathe chucks and special lathe chucks, hydraulic chuck (CNC chuck), manual lathe chuck, universal It has become a reliable solution partner to meet all the needs of our customers with its lathe chuck, NC rotary table (divider), also known as 4 axis, 5 axis, soft lathe foot, hard lathe foot, hydraulic lathe cylinder, vise products.

  • Kitagawa NC Rotary Table

    Dividers, that is, NC rotary tables, provide the opportunity to use 3-axis CNC vertical machining centers as 4-axis CNC and 5-axis CNC. Divider axis addition is diversified as only 4th axis or 4th and 5th axis CNC, depending on the rotary table model used.

    Divider prices vary depending on the number of additional axes desired, the size and number of parts to be processed, and the precision desired in the final part. The products of the Japanese divisor brand Kitagawa, which is the best-selling and most reliable brand in the world in terms of both workpiece clamping and holding technologies and rotary table systems in machining, have inspired confidence in its customers all over the world with its experience of more than half a century.